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Hillary Clinton's
2008 Run

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The Negatives: Videos

1. The Case of Peter Paul vs. Hillary Clinton

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The New Media Journal | The Fraudulent Senator: A Seven Part Series
The Scandal Queen & Hillary's Nemesis: Peter Paul. Joan Swirsky ... part series that examines the 2000 senatorial campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. ...
Wikipedia: Peter F. Paul
Wikipedia's entry for Peter F. Paul includes information about Paul's connections with Hillary as well as his "Cuban Coffee Caper", involvement with Stan Lee Media, politics and the entertainment industry, and his guilty plea for an SEC violation.
RealClearPolitics - Articles - Hillary's High Negatives
Hillary's High ... express some concern about her high negatives but say she still has time ... already lived through with Hillary Clinton as first lady. ...
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RealClearPolitics - Articles - Hillary's 'Negatives' May Do Her a Lot of Good
In previous decades, Hillary's negatives would have torpedoed her candidacy. ... era may end up helping Hillary where the high-negatives problem is concerned. ...
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WASHINGTON - A new national poll shows Hillary Rodham Clinton's favorable ratings sinking like a stone, and her negatives soaring - a terrifying trend for a campaign ...
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... Democratic leaders quietly fret that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton at the top of ... Dems Fear Her Negatives. Analysis: Clinton's Double-Edged Fight ...
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Chris Cillizza joins as the author of a new politics blog called The Fix. ... I'm not sure going negative will help Hillary now. ...
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Hillary Clinton's "Negatives" [Ramesh Ponnuru] ... Republicans crowing about Hillary Clinton's "high negatives"?about, that is, the ...
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The day in politics ... Darlene: Hillary doesn't have high negatives because ... If Hillary's negatives are higher than her positives, it would seem to me this ...
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Hillary's negative comments should not hurt her a lot. ... recent comments by both Hillary and Bill could have an enduring negative effect. ...
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Hillary will the first candidate to ever have her negatives substantially fall ... He had significantly higher negative ratings than Hillary and still won "re" ...
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Northman's Fury
(12) Hillary's negatives ... Hillary can't do that. Her negatives are so high in large part because there is a significant portion ...
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Hot Air " Blog Archive " L.A. Times Gives Hillary a Big, Sloppy, Wet Kiss
... actually be something behind Hillary's negatives ? you know, like Hillarycare, ... As is the case with all of Hillary's negatives. As I explained back in June: ...
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The Hill is a congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session, with a special focus on business ... highly personal negatives she has ...
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New Mason-Dixon Poll: Hillary's High Negatives - Real Clear Politics ...
If Hillary Clinton is basking in the glow of the universally rave reviews from ... Dixon poll shows, Hillary is saddled with such high negatives and such fixed ...
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MyDD :: Markos says Hillary has "Negative Coattails"
the problem with hillary is that she has high negatives now before the ... it will be very easy to trigger higher negatives with hillary. ...
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Is Bill Clinton Poison in Iowa?
Is Bill Clinton Poison in Iowa? ... I suspect not, and some of Hillary's negatives may come from this impulse. ... health help hillary hsu illegal iowa ...
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The Washington Monthly
... campaign with the same high negatives as Hillary or whether he'll manage to stay ... the nomination, his negatives will never quite reach Hillary's level, but by ...
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Part 1

No, it's not Ron Paul vs. Clinton, but this is a story that clearly shows how the Clintons will do anything to have their way, even if it means committing felony crimes, or smearing and destroying anyone who gets in their way. Pulling on the levers of power, including the corruption of judges and the judicial system, are the tools of their trade, as you will see on these videos found on YouTube.

Part 2

This is part two of Peter Paul's video exposing the "do anything" and scortched-earth tactics used by the Clinton's. While Paul is himself no angel (see the link to a Wikipedia article on the first tab, above, he is not running for President of the United States, while the Clintons are.

2. Hillary/Apple Superbowl Ad Mashup

Apple Computer introduced the MacIntosh Computer during the 1984 Super Bowl by showing an ad in which a woman hurls a hammer at a giant screen that shatters Big Brother, IBM, the mind numbing dictator that demanded mindless conformity. The ad pitched the Mac as 'the computer for the rest of us.'

In the 2007 parody spot (left), the implication is that, by the will of the people who are inspired by the change Barack Obama offers, the spell of the mind numbing propaganda of Hillary Clinton will be broken. The spot is very powerful without getting too personal, but like many political attack ads, the sponsor (Barack Obama) is not shown except by name in the ending graphic.

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