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Free Email Service Directory

Sponsored by: SoGoMail (free encrypted webmail service)

Click on the tabs above to browse this directory of free webmail services. Services are listed by name in large light blue coloured text, followed by domain names available to users of the service in bold, and then a description of the service. Simply click on the name of the service to visit the main page of the service's website. The name will turn brown and underscored to indicate it can be clicked on. The email service provider's website will be opened in a new window titled "free_email". Your browser may open this as a new tab depending on your settings. Clicking on other providers website links will open those site in the same "free_email" window. This allows you to easily browse the list and successively visit a number of provider's websites.

Features and Limitations of Free Email Services

Most free webmail services are funded either by a subscription fee for upgraded service and/or features, or alternatively, advertising. Most require free users to visit their account within a certain time frame or the account will be deleted. Subscriptions usually provide some combination of additional features, increased attachment size, increased storage allocation, elimination of adversing, elimination of visit requirement, etc.

Use Encryption: Standard Email is Like a Postcard

Standard email is like a standard web page. Any number of people or organizations can read the plain text of your email and web pages as they zip along the Internet pathways. Many of these people believe that since you're not bothering to protect your content, they can be free to consider it public and infringe on your privacy as much as they want! These intrusions are not harmless. Monitored purchases, credit card statements, insurance policy information can all be used to commit identity theft against you, and this threat is costing consumers billions yearly! Don't say you have "nothing to hide" unless your wallet is completely empty and always will be!

Here are the key applications of encryption to consider when evaluating the security of an email service:

  1. Is your webmail login encrypted with SSL (https:) ?
  2. Is your webmail displayed on SSL encrypted pages?
  3. Is encryption that is stronger than SSL used?
  4. Is your email encrypted on the email server?
  5. Can the email provider access your email on the server?

In the case of (1), many email providers, such as Yahoo!, encrypt your login with SSL. Your browser will display the lock icon in closed position and the address bar will turn yellow to indicate this. However fewer providers encrypt your webmail (2) as it is displayed: for example, Google's Gmail. Few email services offer (3) stronger encryption, which is a concern because software is freely available that can break the standard SSL encryption, although it might take a few minutes. The only services we know to offer a service where (4) email is encrypted at the server, and (5) the provider cannot access your mail unencrypted on the server are SoGoMail and Hushmail. This last item is important, because there is so much warrentless and illegal evesdropping going on in today's environment. Hackers have broken into many email service's servers, and the government has increasing powers to request your email without you ever knowing it, especially in the United States.

Right now, for example, encryption is legal to use in the United States, however, experts are concerned that if use of encryption does not become widespread, the government may opt to regulate it. This could happen, for example, as part of the "War on Terror" which has been the basis for the erosion of many civil rights in America. The government isn't too concerned about the use of SSL because it can crack SSL encryption as easily as hackers can. Use strong encryption, or you may lose the right to use it! Services offering (4) and (5) above generally use PGP combined with heavy-duty encryption to offer a multi-faceted approach to securing your email, and ensuring that it is not decrypted at any point along the path your email follows.


AIM Mail

Free web-based email service from AOL offering 2GB of storage space, spam and virus protection, and the ability to recall unread emails sent to AOL, AIM and Compuserve accounts. Note that the storage restrictions are removed for AOL customers. Requires cookies and javascript to be enabled.

Free Australian web-based email service, powered by

Free spam-protected email with 250MB of storage, webmail, POP3/IMAP access and outgoing SMTP. Bluebottle can be used to consolidate and spam-protect up to 3 external email accounts (including Hotmail accounts). One key feature of Bluebottle which makes it stand out from most email services is that it will only accept emails from trusted senders. Senders can be flagged as trusted manually inside the Bluebottle interface, or they can complete a verification step to prove that they are mailing from a real email address.

Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email accounts with 3.5MB of storage. Note that accounts will be deactivated after 30 days of inactivity. The email service is part of the overall dating portal at

CANOEmail [alternate]
Free email accounts; part of the Canoe media portal. As of 2/26/2008, there were bugs in the sign-up process that made it impossible to create a new account.

Free web based email service with 100MB of storage, spam filtering, spell checkers in 12 languages, a secure login option and more. In a novel and commendable twist, 5% of all revenue generated by the Care2 service will be donated to charity. You can also send free E-cards (including musical ones!), and you can schedule cards months in advance so that you never forget an important occasion.


Also offers free paging to notify you when you receive email, and you can retrieve your email via a free 800 telephone number. You can also build a free web page via an online interface. There's lots more stuff to do for free at this huge site. Note that CollegeClub membership is limited to college students.

Features include auto-forwarding and spam blocking. Free email powered by Outblaze

DC Email
Ad supported email. 25MB free storage, accounts deleted after 30 days inactivity. Part of a Washington, DC portal. Free email powered by

Free email service with a bilingual English/Arabic interface, built-in reminders, an address book, anti-spam filtering and the ability to collect email from external POP3 accounts.

Free email for fans of Doraemon, powered by Outblaze.

DOMAINS:,,,, and over 50 other domains
Free accounts include 10 MB storage space, 40 MB bw/month, IMAP/Web access, 45 day no activity period, Taglines on emails, ads in web interface. A rapidly-evolving email service with a raft of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level, plus a number of low-priced membership levels giving access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.

Free email service powered by Outblaze.


Free web based email service with 1,001MB of storage and support for 10MB attachments. The service is offered in 12 languages, and offers a choice of themes for your mailbox, message filtering, plus spam and virus protection. Recently gawab released version 3.0 of its webmail service. Many domains at the ".cc" top level are available.


Free email service with 100MB of storage, powered by Outblaze.


As the granddaddy of free email services and the one that started the whole business, HotMail deserves a special nod for being first. The service offers 25MB of free storage space to start with, and up to 250MB over time. HotMail also implements various other service-limiting "features" at the free level, so read the Terms of Service carefully before signing up.


HushMail provides the world's only 2048-bit secure encrypted free email service. You can use Hushmail as a normal free email service and send messages to anyone, but if you send messages to another HushMail user they are encrypted with a powerful cypher. As well as encryption, HushMail also offers folders and an address book. The free service offers 2MB of storage, and you can upgrade to 32MB, 64MB, 96MB or 128MB of storage space. Note that you must log into your free account at least once every 3 weeks to keep it activated.

This service is fully integrated with the ICQ package, with a "new mail" indication appearing inside ICQ when you receive messages in ICQMail. The service offers 5MB of storage space, spellcheckers in 7 different languages, external POP3 email retrieval, folders, filtering and an address book. You must be an active ICQ user to sign up for this service

Free email with the ability to email in 11 Indian languages as well as English, a calendar and reminder service, a briefcase and to-do list, spam filtering and more.

Free email powered by Outblaze.

Free email powered by Outblaze

Lycos Communications
Free email with 5MB of storage, spam protection, address book and the ability to download email from external accounts.

Mail2world and over 2,000 other domains of the form @mail2SOMETHING
Powerful web-based free email offering with built-in email translation tools to translate messages between over 40 languages, including those with non-western character sets, autoresponders, a calendar, email reminders, spell checking, spam protection and many other features. For a fee, you can add options such as POP3 access, extra storage space and pager notification.

Free email with a choice of domain names, powered by Outblaze

Free email powered by Outblaze


A free email service offered by the University of Liverpool, MerseyMail does not put advertising in email messages. This is a community service site, and a list is provided of access points in the area (libraries, etc.) where people without Internet access at home can check their messages. NOTE: MerseyMail is only available to people working or living near Merseyside in the UK!

MyWay offers a fast, elegant email service with 125MB of storage and a clean, uncluttered interface. In keeping with the general MyWay philosophy, the only ads presented during the use of the service are text-based ads, meaning that page loading times stay very fast. MyWay includes safe lists and block lists for preventing spam, mail filters, a vacation reply function, the ability to download email from external POP3 accounts, a calendar, address book and a notepad area. You can customize your mailbox by selecting from a variety of colour schemes and themes.

Free email powered by Outblaze, with 3MB of storage and supports for attachments up to 2MB in size.

New Zealand-based free email service with POP3/web-based access and 10MB of storage space. Signup limited to those living in New Zealand.

Free email powered by Outblaze

Email accounts with 1GB of storage, anti-spam measures, external POP3 email collection, an address book and other features. An enhanced premium service level is also on offer.

Free email service with 25MB of storage and support for attachments up to 2MB in size, an autoresponder, calendar and contact book, plus various anti-spam measures. Incoming messages must be 2MB or less in order to be accepted.

Rediff Mail
Web-based email offered by a massive India-related English-language site. Their free service offers 1GB of email storage (individual messages can be up to 10MB in size) and support for 11 different Indian languages. A fee option is also available, giving access to further storage, POP3 and SMS support, and more.


Free webmail service with 25MB of storage and a 3.5MB transfer limit. Anti-virus filtering.
Free webmail service with 50MB of storage plus spam blocking and anti-virus protection. A premium service is also available offering more storage space and POP3 access.


SAFe-mail offers a free email service with 3MB of storage space and powerful encryption that can be used to send highly secure email messages between any two SAFe-mail accounts. This secure email facility also protects the integrity of any email attachments. Features include IMAP/POP3 support as well as web-based access to email accounts and outgoing SMTP support, address books with secure sharing facility (to transmit address books between SAFe-mail users), folders and sub-folders for sorting email, secure message boards and online document storage space. Premium versions of the SAFe-mail service extend the available storage space.

SoGoMail Secure/Encrypted RECOMMENDED
SogoMail is a 2048-bit secure encrypted free email service. You can use SoGoMail as a normal free email service and send messages to anyone, but if you send messages to another SoGoMail ori>HushMail user they are encrypted with a powerful cypher. As well as encryption, SoGoMail also offers folders and an address book. The free service offers 2MB of storage, and you can upgrade to 32MB, 64MB, 96MB or 128MB of storage space. Note that you must log into your free account at least once every 3 weeks to keep it activated.

Free email for Hogan's Heroes fans, powered by
Free email powered by Outblaze


Free web-based and POP3 email service with 15MB of storage and various built-in anti-spam features, including the use of various blacklist services. You must log in at least once every 45 days to keep your account active.

Ureach uOrganize Limited
The free version of Ureach's flagship uOrganize service, uOrganize Limited offers web-based email with 3MB of storage, account aggregation, an address book, a calendar and more. You can also choose to upgrade to the premium uOrganize service or to other service offerings.

Urusei Yatsura Mail
Web-based email with 5MB storage per account. You can centralize your email by setting up UYMail to collect email from up to 5 existing POP3 email accounts. You can set up 3 separate signatures that you can choose to add automatically to outgoing mail. Two types of filters can be implemented: a blocked sender's list, which will filter email from specified senders straight to "trash" and up to a dozen filters that can be triggered by text in the "From:" and "Subject:" lines to file emails automatically into specific folders. There's an autoresponder function, various tags that can be used to colour and label email from specific senders, and and address book for personal and group contacts.


Free email service with web-based access, POP3 and IMAP support, plus SMTP service for outgoing email. The storage and monthly bandwidth quotas are both fixed at 15MB for free users, though premium upgrades are available. Other features include built in virus scanning and spam protection, and an address book that will hold up to 100 entries.

Integrated free email service with 5MB of storage space (and 25MB of bandwidth a month), shared between the email account and an online photo album and document storage facility. Service also includes an appointment calendar and contact manager. Accounts are free if the username is 10+ characters long; shorter usernames and upgraded features are available for a fee.


Free web based email service in South Africa

Free email service with 5MB of storage space, multilingual interface, spellchecker, calendar and appointment scheduler tools.

Xavier University

Free email service limited to alumni of Xavier University. You must first register your alumni details, then apply for free email. For the obvious reason that I didn't graduate from Xavier, I don't have much information about this service.

Yahoo! Canada Mail
Free web based email service with a generous 100MB of storage, email collection from external POP3 accounts, virus scanning and anti-spam protection, a built-in file viewer to preview attachments without fully opening them, and new message notifications integrated with Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! Mail
Free email with generous 100MB of storage space, anti-spam protection. You can open attachments that include audio and video clips, or scripts. Offers a built-in spellchecker. You can use your Yahoo! Mail login to access various games on Yahoo! You can also check an existing email account via Yahoo! Mail. You can also configure your outgoing email address.

YYHMail [new window]
Free email powered by Outblaze

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